September 16, 2013

3rd Tank Finished

The third (and final?) cistern that connects to our house roof is now finished, and just about full.

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We actually got the vast majority of the tank finished over a week ago, and then it rained. And rained. And rained. 6″ later and the tank is pretty much full, there’s maybe 6000 out of 7000 gallons.

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This weekend we saw the sun for the first time in days, so we got out there and did the final details – Abe made a door and did the remaining plumbing, while I painted the roof. We did the roof a little different from our howto this time, just to keep fine tuning our system. It worked out a lot cheaper and a little easier.


No sooner was it all finished when – yep, you guessed it – it started raining! It’s falling softly out there, but falling it is. Luckily the paint has had a day to dry, so that’s not a problem.

Now that everything we own (ponds, tanks, barrels, etc.) is full, I kind of want it to stop raining for a while. We have so much to do outside, and the mud and drizzle are just not conducive to a happy work day. Plus, our road is utterly destroyed! Oh well, a small price to pay I guess for the year’s water.

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