April 12, 2015

7 years old

Leo was 7 yesterday, and we spent a wonderful day celebrating the event.

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It’s so hard to believe that seven years have already passed since we first held that beautiful, red-faced little baby. Still, that’s the way it goes, I guess, and Leo sure seems to be happy that he’s getting bigger.

All in all, we had a perfect day.



We began by opening presents, of course. Nicky was allowed to open one of his early, just so he wouldn’t feel too left out. And Leo also let him help open (and play with) his, which was super sweet.



Then we played the new games of Jenga and Sorry. The boys also spent a couple of hours making things out of their modeling clay. They’ve always loved clay, but now they have a book and some tools to increase their scope.



We made a cake, which is the true sign for our family that it’s someone’s birthday. We don’t always do presents for the adults, but everyone gets a cake! And of course the boys always have to help. Although they do get out all the ingredients and tools, as well as do some pouring and mixing, their main concept of “help” is to stick their fingers in the bowl every chance they get.



Lastly, we went into town for the party. It was a shared party, as Leo and two of his friends all have birthdays a few days apart. There were 21 kids and they all had a blast. I did the piƱata and goodie bags, and the other two moms did the cake and food. It worked out great.

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