August 26, 2012

Barn Frame

The frame of the barn is now up and welded in place. Everything is now ready for the covering.

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Poor Abe has spent the whole week welding. He started off by welding post frames on the ground, then he welded the purlins for the walls, then he welded the roof purlins (up to 15 feet in the air). His favorite welding joke, and one that was very relevant this week, is “If you smell something burning, it’s probably you”.

Still, it’s now done and ready for the roof material.  We are planning to put up the roof this week, followed by the rain catchment system to the barn tank, which already has about 3,000 gallons of water in it and a few fish.

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A testament to how well we made the post bases was that when the post frames were raised and welded to the bases, everything came out perfectly square and level. It was very rewarding.

On a related note, the Food Web fund raising campaign on Indiegogo is now over. We didn’t meet our goal, but what we raised will certainly help towards speeding this project along. Thank you very much to everyone who helped out. We have posted the Thank you page here.

If you want to preorder an advance book or ebook, you can do so here.

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