July 13, 2012

Beautiful Rain

The rains have started. We have had rain every day of July, and we are loving it.

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After such a dry year in 2011, everyone in the area is delighted to see this year’s rain season kick off with a bang. So far, we’ve had over 5″ and everything is soaking wet.

The grass is starting to grow and transform our view with a sheen of green.

Our catchment system has already caught about 4300 gallons of water. Even if we don’t get another drop of rain, which is hopefully not the case, we would have enough to last us the year. It’s been so exciting standing up in the bedrooms and watching the gutters spout forth a stream of water. Leo especially loves to keep up updated, second by second, of how much water is flowing.

As if water in our tanks wasn’t enough, we also have some water in both ponds. One day, we got 2″ in about 40 minutes and everything was running. Abe went outside in it, hoe in hand, to make sure all the trenches leading into the pond were running well. He was dripping wet, literally, but was well rewarded – the water in the big pond is now thigh high. It doesn’t look it in the photo, because the pond is so huge that the scale makes it look like little more than a puddle.

We are hopeful that this will be a decent year.

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