September 1, 2012


We caught some more fish for the barn tank.

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It was such a lovely day yesterday and there wasn’t any school, so we decided to go fishing.

The boys stripped down and splashed around in the water. They both loved it, but as soon as Abe started catching fish, Leo ran to help him. Once they were off the hook, it was Leo’s job to put them into the ice chest of water.

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We caught 9 Bluegill and 1 Bass. At home, we put them in ziploc bags in the barn tank, and once they’d acclimated to any change in temperature, we let them loose.

There are now no mosquite larvae or bugs in the tank. Once the new ones have settled in, we’ll have to start feeding them. All we need now are some algae eaters and water plants, and our ecosystem will be complete.


Each evening, Leo and Nicky go out and catch grasshoppers. Nicky does little more than swing his net around, but Leo is getting really good at it. We will feed some to the fish, but we are also trying an experiment with drying them to make a powder supplement we can feed to the fish even when the grasshoppers are gone.

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