April 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Leo

The guinea pigs gave Leo a special present for his birthday.

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On the 11th, Leo turned 5. 5? Can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday he was this tiny, helpless little baby that introduced us to all the wonder and beauty of parenthood… And now he’s a big, gangly blond thing that terrorizes the world around him.

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He grows up more every day. In the things he says and does, what he’s interested in, how he tackles tasks. It’s all so amazing. And we get to enjoy the changes even more now, as he seems to be starting to behave better. The tantrums, whining, etc. of the toddler years are lessening by leaps and bounds (just as Nicky’s are gaining momentum).

We had a little party for him at school, with the other kids. And then spent most of the afternoon kicking around his new soccer ball. But I think the highlight came when his guinea pig gave him two little babies.

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We were eating dinner and Leo said “Essy’s acting weird”. Abe had a look and shouted “Wow! She just had a baby!”. We quickly got Ping out of there (a guinea pig has a postpartum estrus and can therefore get pregnant right away if the male is with her). She had two in total. They are both big and healthy. They’re born with eyes open and are running around within an hour or so! Within a day, they are eating real food as well as nursing.

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