June 9, 2016


We have launched a rabbit management app that we’ve been making.

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Now we get to Abe’s major project that has sucked up most of his time these last few months. He has been designing and developing a web-based app to manage rabbits. And it is awesome!

For those of you who don’t have rabbits, it’s hard to understand how tedious the paperwork can be. They breed like, well, like rabbits, which means an enormous amount of kits (babies) each year. You need to put does (females) in with a buck (male), then pregnancy check her, then put a nest box in where she can kindle (have her babies), and see how many were born. You also need to weigh the kits, several times, and wean them when they’re ready. Not to mention monitoring all your rabbits’ health and happiness. It all mounts up, and our paperwork consisted of an overall schedule, breeding charts, information and stats on individual does and bucks, litter charts, income and expense records, and a little-used sick chart.

All that paperwork is now obsolete with Abe’s app, called Hutch. It does it all, with a quick swipe of the finger. There’s a schedule, which emails your weekly tasks, detailed production reports, an income/expense ledger, litter manager and tracking, breeder management, pedigrees, transfers between rabbit owners, and much more. I love it, especially things like reports, which allows us to quickly see if any doe is performing badly or if there are any issues we need to address (analyzing that information by hand was very time consuming).

So anyway, the app is now open to the public. It has over 1,200 users and 17,000 rabbits in the system, already!

That doesn’t mean that Abe’s work is over, as we are continually developing and improving the app with user feedback. We have a long list of features that we want to include, and they will get done as we raise sufficient funds. We hope to provide the ultimate rabbit app before we then go on to make ones for poultry, pigs, goats, fish, etc.

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