July 6, 2016

More kittens

We just welcomed two more kittens to our home.

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A little over a year ago, we got two kittens: one all black, the other black with a white mark on his chest. Unfortunately, one of those disappeared in the night a couple of months ago. Since then, we have put the word out that we want more kittens, so that Whiskers can have a buddy.

Well, about a week ago one of my students brought me a box with two little cuties in it: one all black, the other black with a white mark on his chest!!

kittens2The kids are delighted and are doing a great job of looking after them. They make sure they have food and water, they play and cuddle them, and they take them outside several times a day to meet the other animals and get used to being out. They have even made them “houses”, using our pile of leftover bricks (which will one day be put to good use!). Funnily enough, the kittens love these brick houses and the tunnels that connect them.


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