September 28, 2012


We just butchered the last of our pigs.

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For the past two days we have been processing pork.

Abe butchered her, cutting the carcass into its different cuts. She ended up being pretty heavy and it was a lot of work for just one guy.

I then processed the meat – rendering lard (2 gallons); making sausage (17 lbs); putting the hams and bacon in their cure (over 36 lbs); bagging and freezing steaks, ribs, roasts, etc. A friend even took the head and made tamales, which she shared with us.

We’re both pretty tired, but our freezer is full.

Leo was fascinated by the whole process, especially the purpose of each of the internal organs. He is particularly interested in the heart. Nicky didn’y really know what was going on, but he is sad that there’s no pig any more.

We hope to get two more feeder pigs once the barn is finished.

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