June 2, 2012


We have a new addition to the family, a Border Collie puppy called Sam. He's calm, happy, loves the kids and learns super fast. Should fit in just fine.

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Our two dogs are getting old. Gracie is at least 14 and Salsa is 11. They are great dogs and we’ve been wanting to get a puppy that can learn from them before they retire from predator control. We wanted a male Border Collie, but hadn’t come across one yet in our halfhearted search.
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Then, a few weeks ago, a guy came to buy our two remaining big pigs. We had decided to sell the adults and just have a couple of feeder pigs each year, at least until we can spend more time in gathering food for them. So, when someone offered to buy them both, we agreed. Leo was confused at first.
“What two pigs?”

“Amigo and the big girl.”

“But Amigo’s my pig.”


Mmmmm. What to say to that? Well, the buyer came up with the perfect out for us. He happened to have a 2 month old Border Collie and asked if Leo would have him instead. Talk about a perfect solution. We went and got him the next day.

Leo has to feed him every day (the girls aren’t too happy about sharing their feeder with him yet), and start to train him (good boy, come, etc.). He loves him, and Sam seems to feel the same way.

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