Blog: November 2012

Be Prepared Contest

November 28, 2012 – Grand Prize Winner – Be Prepared Contest – November 2012

“How to build a 6000 gallon Water Tank” won the Grand Prize in Instructables’ Be Prepared Contest in November, 2012

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We Won!

November 28, 2012

We have just been informed that our cistern article won the Instructables “Be Prepared” Contest!Read More


November 20, 2012

We just collected a bottle of duckweed, which we have dumped into the barn’s tank.Read More

Rocket Mass Heater

November 15, 2012

We have just finished building and installing a Rocket Mass Heater, and it works great.Read More


November 4, 2012

Praying Mantis. One of our favorites.Read More

Heat Exchanger

November 2, 2012

One of the things we’ve been doing in the lead-up to winter is making our heating system more efficient, starting off with a new heat exchanger.Read More


November 2, 2012

I haven’t blogged in two weeks and thought I’d do a general catch-up on what we’ve been up to.Read More

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