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Our barn is always full of animals. The type and quantity varies, as we try out species for new integration possibilities or bring back old favorites. Check out the advances we make with animal housing, breeding and integration. 2>

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Junior Butcher

December 20, 2016

Leo is learning a new set of very useful skills.Read More

Dark Honey

August 29, 2016

We just robbed our bees and got a decent supply of beautiful honey.Read More

Potbelly Pigs

August 24, 2016

We have two new members of the family, some very cute potbelly pigs.Read More

Horny Toad

August 12, 2016

The boys found a baby horny toad.Read More

More kittens

July 6, 2016

We just welcomed two more kittens to our home.Read More

Baby Tarantula

June 23, 2016

We have a new household pet.Read More


June 9, 2016

We have launched a rabbit management app that we’ve been making.Read More

Sophie’s spayed

February 26, 2016

No more puppies for Sophie.Read More

New Buck

February 22, 2016

We have a new buck in our rabbitry.Read More